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My opinion part 2.

Same disclaimer ad part1. This is just my opinion. Reblog with you agree or disagree:)

Shinji Kagawa, Mario Gotze and Robert Lewandowski. What do they all have in common?

They all were at Dortmund but left for bigger and better things…the first one went to Man United. The last two went to German rivals Bayern Munich.

So they left one German team to win a trophy with another team. To be honest they went really needed  at Bayern. They have ribery, robben, tiago, bastien swienstiger(sp). So why Gotze.

They have Madzukic, so why Lewandowski.

I just think Bayern is tryna suck their rivals dry to gain ultimate dominance. Which is good for them because they get a great team and can win trophies.

However…the German league is falling apart. Dortmund their biggest rivals are losing player like hot cakes. It’s sad. This is gonna make Bundesliga a one team league

Look at La Liga, were previously a two team. But it’s improving now due to quotas and other reason. But look now. A.Madrid is just behind Barca, even the usual rival of Barca are 3rd. So at least is slowly improving.

Now look at Bundesliga. Bayern going undefeated so far in the season. And it’s not like they drawing games. They are hammering team 5-0 3-1 4-0, it’s just utter dominance,

I rate they can go the whole season undefeated because there’s no real challenge. Something need to change…


My opinion part 1

So I will be voicing my opinion in the next view posts. Reblog with replies with you agree or disagree.

So let me start by saying I don’t know why spurs are going crazy over what Walcott did. It’s football and I found it quite funny. He was just reminding them of the score. With a smile. I don’t think it was rude.

Most player do it. Bale did it a few years ago(I will post a picture as proof). The great iniesta did it when Barcelona score 5 in an el classico.

It wasnt the middle finger or a rude gesture and I think it childish that spurs fans are crying about it. Grow up.

Lastly player get abuse from fans every day. It’s rare that you get the chance to reply, you just take it. When Theo replied he did it in a humorous, non offensive way.

Thank you
Football fanatic

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